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Equipments Detections Quality Control Flow


Abardeen has always been invested heavily in advance production lnes and precision testing equipments. It equipped with various high speed CNC numerical control machine, Switzerland imports Charmilles NC EDM spark machine etc equipments to guarantee the superior product quality.

  • SMT

  • Laboratory

  • Automatic Production Line

  • Laser Etching

  • Spray

  • Coating

  • Injection Molding

  • Assemble


Abardeen every kids phone watch has passed 280+detections.

  • Endurance life test

  • Abrasion resistance test

  • Hazardous substance test

  • Drawing force test

  • Constant temperature & humidity test

  • RCA test

  • Electromagnetic vibration test

  • Battery explosion proof test

  • Impact resistance test

Quality Control Flow

Abardeen shall never seek growth at the cost of cheapen the quality of product. It has a thorough quality control system according to ISO9001:2008 standard to ensure product quality from raw material to finished product.


1. Quality Management Framework


2. Imcoming Inspection Flow Chart


3. Production Quality Inspection Flow Chart


4. Final Product Warehouse-in Inspection Flow Chart