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Abardeen kid smart watch after-sales service rules

1, Purpose: Abardeen provide “three guarantees” (for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products) to all the kids gps watch it sells. We continuously improving service quality and extending service range for our clients.


2, Definition: All the kids gps watch and accessories will strictly according to nation “three guarantees” policy to provide replacement, free maintenance or price maintenance.


3, Application scope: dealer, authorized maintenance points, to provide services of repair, replace smart watch, replace accessories, replace PCBA, software update etc.


Maintenance rules:

1, Abardeen kids gps watch host with 15 months warranty, charger, battery and screen with 12 months warranty. Within the warranty period and the machine parts were damaged under normal using condition, we will offer new parts and repair for free.


2, Sealed by Abardeen authorized dealer, filled in the warranty card and invoice original copy as proof of warranty period.


3, If your smart watch host or accessories with the faulted as below: You can return, replace or maintain the watch within 7 days from the date of sale. Replace or maintain within 8-15 days from the date of sale. Under warranty, if your watch with the faulted as below and after twice repairs still can not work normally, will replace a new same model for you. (Notices, when apply to exchange a new model please provide your maintain records.) Replace standard: less than 15 days from the date of sale to the detection day, appearance no obvious abrasion, scratch, paint peels; watch surface no transshape, crack; have a complete tamper label, watch no. etc factory labels.

Fault descriptions as below:

    ·Functions listed on the manual failure    
    ·Non display, get stuck or stagger words    
    ·Can not turn on, normal log in or communication    
    ·No ring    
    ·Improper power off    
    ·Button lose control, dialing error    
    ·No sound, one way silence or volume abnormal    
    ·Charger can not charge normally    
    ·Battery fault result in watch can not work normally    
    ·Can not recognize MMC, failure to take photo or video


4, Customer exercise their powers should carry the invoice original copy and warranty card

5, Smart watch damaged because of the following reasons, can not benefits free repair

    ·User assembly and disassembly the watch by his own or repaired in maintenance center not authorized by Abardeen    
    ·Using battery, charger, antenna which are not provided by Abardeen    
    ·Water, liquid or burn by human reason    
    ·Mechanical wearout    
    ·Do not operate according to the manual    
·Laser anti-counterfeit label or other label ripped
·Watch surface abrasion like shell or display, are exclude in the warranty coverage
·For those out of warranty smart watch, before repair, need to confirm cost with user. Non warranty watch will provide 30 days warranty for the repair fault.


7, Service promise

    ·For the watch repair, it will takes 4 working days from acceptance to the maintenance finish, expect for the shipping time.    
    ·Because of spare parts, technology or others that can not repair the watch within the time, customer service center needs to send the smart watch to Abardeen factory in the second working day, and keep in touch with user to make clear the maintenance situation. Once Abardeen factory received the fault watch, will finish the repair within 7 working days and send back to the local service local center.    
    ·All the smart watch maintenance should be recorded with all the details in the repair bill.


1, Warranty period starting date: from the date of sales from Abardeen

2, Fault watch during warranty period will provide more 30 days warranty for the repair fault.

3, Warranty rules will subject to change according to national relevant regulation, the final maintain rules should be subject to the rules that launched by Shenzhen Continental Wireless Co., ltd after-sales department.

4, Maintain service Supervisory complaints telephone: +86-0755-82556680

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