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1.1 Please shut down the kids gps watch before the plane takes off.

1.2 Please do not let children nor pets bite the smart watch or its accessories as they are inedible.

1.3 Under bad weather or situation of blocking by buildings, watch positioning may be inaccurate or unavailable. Please do not use it during a thunderstorm.

1.4 Please do not soak or wash.
As it is not professionally waterproofing, please try best to keep out of reach from water.

1.5 Please keep away from extreme circumstances of fire source and high temperature.
In case of over-heating, please take down the watch and use after cooling down.

1.6 Please do not attempt to remove or modify the hosts, in case of damaging consequences to human and the environment due to improper operations or mishandling.

1.7 Any radio transmission equipment (the watch included) may interfere functions of medical equipment which is improper protected.

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  • Where can I find out all the functional descriptions of Abardeen watch and APP KidMate?

    Please register and log in the APP KidMate IV. and click “instruction for use” on button “more functions”.

  • How to bind the watch?

    The first parent (e.g. A mother) scans QR code at the back side of the watch or on use manual and download the APP. After registering and logging in, scan again the QR code to successfully bind the watch. If other familiarity numbers need to bind the watch after APP downloaded, the mother will have to click and generate another QR code for other families to scan and bind.

  • Why is it shown as no SIM card inside after I have already installed? What traffic flow is needed in a month?

    Please power off first, re-install the SIM card and then power on. SIM card can be recognized then.
    Monthly 30M data flow will meet demands.

  • Can I use the watch to call?

    Abardeen is equipped with call function. You can set 60 familiarity numbers inside the APP, each of which can call one another.

  • Is the watch waterproofing and drop-resistant?

    Abardeen is equipped with waterproofing grade IP65 and anti-collision function. That doesn’t mean you can go swimming or hop in the shower with it on, but it can withstand a bit of moisture when washing hands or under rains.